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Paul Frandsen

Assistant Professor of Genetics, Genomics, and Biotechnology, Department of Plant and Wildlife Sciences, Brigham Young University

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I am an Assistant Professor of Genetics, Genomics, and Biotechnology in the Department of Plant and Wildlife Sciences at Brigham Young University. Formerly, I was a Research Data Scientist in the Data Science Lab at the Smithsonian Institution. I am still affilliated with the Data Science Lab as a Research Associate. I earned my PhD at Rutgers University in the Department of Entomology. I spend the majority of my time working on genomics and bioinformatics. I grew up in the mountainous West and was fascinated by both biology and technology. I suppose it is no coincidence that I ended up at the intersection of the two. For my research, I study the phylogenetics and evolutionary history of caddisflies, an order of aquatic insects. I am also interested in phylogenetic methods including model selection/partitioning and data exclusion. If you would like to know more about my research, click here. I also post occasional news updates. Most of this has not been updated recently so take it all with a grain of salt :) .